True Crime Binge

This must say something about me, the fact that in times of extreme stress I devour true crime books. Does it mean that I want to escape into a fantasy world? That I subconsciously yearn to kill those who annoy me? Or that I just enjoy a good book? I'll pick the last.

The true crime books are also helping me avoid The Great Upheaval by Jay Winik, a popular history book that's not knocking my socks off. It's not bad, even though Winik does love to list things ad nauseum. It's just not that good.

My latest Amazon Vine book, Unholy Business, is holding my interest. Plus I'm learning new words like ossuary and vitrine. If only this was a Kindle book I could look those words up and not have the strange idea that a vitrine involves vines and latrines.

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allison said...

i too am on a true crime binge and found your website through your review of savage grace on i devoured that book, barely coming up for breath. i love the oral history format and very much enjoyed please kill me, to which you make reference in your SG review. have not read jean stein's edie, but shall. in this vein, have you read easy riders, raging bulls. not a true crime book, but an oral history of the movie business in the 70s. quite wonderful.