A Good Book Can Save Your Sanity

Twice now in 6 months a book has kept me from climbing the walls. First it was when I had to fly home from London knowing that as soon as I arrived home I would have to take my beloved pet to the vet for the last time. It was a horrible situation but C.S. Harris's What Angels Fear miraculously managed to hold my attention enough to help me hold myself together for the flight.

Thankfully I saved another C.S. Harris book in reserve, the first two were so good I knew I needed to meter them out, because this week I really needed a good book. Monday and Tuesday were the kind of work days that make you wonder if you really need a paycheck after all. Those train rides to and from work would have been anxiety-fests without Sebastian St. Cyr and company.

Of course, now I'm out of C.S. Harris books until her new one comes out in November. Well, there's still those two Dennis Lehane's I'm saving.

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