On the vine

The Amazon Vine, that is.

So I've been asked to join Amazon's early reviewer program called "The Vine." I don't know if this is a privilege or a cry for help - doesn't this mean that I basically spend too much on books for my own good? Maybe this is Amazon's way of starting me on the twelve steps, "Here's some free stuff" or maybe it's the equivalent of the cocaine dealer letting you have your daily supply on credit so that you won't be tempted to go cold turkey. Still, free books, woohoo. Free books before they are available in the bookstores, more woohoo.

The only bad thing is that these all appear to be physical books, no e-books. Wait, that doesn't really qualify as a complaint. Because the "free" part still applies.

I wonder if Amazon gives away stuff aside from books? I've bought three vacuum cleaners from Amazon - I'd hate it if they offered me a free vacuum cleaner. I'd feel obligated to accept and I don't have the room or the need for another. It could get ugly. Best to stick to books.

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