Kindle Class Wars

Who knew a device that was once reviled as "ugly" could be sparking class wars all over Amazon?

I can skim over the posts and reviews that complain about the physical design. Design isn't the only consideration for me. Since most of the comments are from people who don't own a Kindle and in many cases haven't even touched one, it's not like I'm missing thoughtful reasoning. Always nice to hear the thoughts who hates the mere idea of a product.

The near-hysterical posts about the horrors of DRM similarly amuse me. I don't get it. If I buy a book, I own it. I can lend it out. I can trade it in at a trade-in store or hawk it on eBay but it's used and priced accordingly. If I drop the book in a river or a fire, it's lost and I don't expect the publisher to reimburse me because, hey, I bought the book already. I bought a copy, not the copyright. Same with CDs and DVDs. So for the convenience of having something in a more portable format I give up the ability to resell it and it's a little harder to lend it out but the price is lower.

The problem is .... what? That an artist might actually be compensated for their efforts? That a publisher might make money, too? The bastards!

Lately there's been a new twist that redefines bizarre because the DRM ranters have been replaced by people who want to let you know that the Kindle is so expensive you should feel guilty. Really, really guilty. A few choice selections.

Kindle is "only for the elite reader."
Huh? Affluent? Possibly but $399 may not be cheap but it's less than a big screen LCD TV and more people own them than own Kindles.

"After spending $400, I would still have to purchase books to read."
Wow, you mean I pay $299 for an iPhone and I still have to pay for phone service? And I have to pay for cable after I just dropped $5K on that new TV? Outrageous!

Then there's my absolute favorite:
"If you can afford the new electronic toy so that you can be comfy reading one-handed in bed for $400, try giving something that might actually mean something to someone!"
"You already have enough convienience." (His typo not mine.)
rounded up with:
"This society is so crazy!"

Where does one even begin? This guy's basic argument is that if you bought a Kindle and really like it you are out of touch with the real world. (He also seems to have something against spell checking programs to judge by all his posts.) So, yes, he seems to be a little logic challenged.

But how has a device that costs less than $500 and promotes reading and therefore, one can hope, knowledge become a focal point for class wars?

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