Kindle = Booklovers Heaven

I'm in love. With a small beige book like device. We were made for each other. His name is Kindle.

I've had my Kindle for nearly two weeks now and it's already worth the purchase price. Thanks to the Kindle an eight hour flight to Portland, OR by way of Dallas was almost painless. I read Sue Miller's The Senator's Wife on the flight out. Novelty probably played into it but it's more than that - the Kindle is easier to read. I don't up the font size (although one day I'm sure I'll be grateful for the feature) or make other adjustments, eInk is just easier to read. Less glare and a cleaner font.

Another feature that I'm in love with is the built in dictionary. Go ahead, author, through a random word like kilim at me. I can figure out it's a rug from the context but thanks to Kindle I know it's a pileless rug from the Middle East. I'll probably upgrade the dictionary at some point. The New American Dictionary just isn't up to the words Michael Burleigh spins in the average sentence of Earthly Powers.

Being able to order books and magazines in DFW instead of running around the terminal between flights trying to find a decent bookstore is another big, big plus. So far I've purchased 6 ebooks and tried 6 sample chapters. Amazon still needs to get a few kinks out of the sample chapters. It works great for fiction but for non-fiction and classic lit the sample chapter is often an introduction instead of the work itself.

If you're a power reader - one book or more a week - and you travel alot for work or have a long train or bus commute, check out the Kindle. It might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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