I did not read 75 books last year. I wanted to, I even joined a group on LibraryThing to do so. But I didn't. I read a not insubstantial 63 books last year. Well, some of the books were very insubstantial but the amount was not. It's just less than 75. So, reading resolution #1: read 75 books in 2010.

#2: read more of the books I already own before buying more

#3: except Kindle, which is always exempt from any reading rule I make for myself

#4: request fewer ARCs; nothing is worse than having to write a review for a book that wasn't even bad enough to enjoy hating

#5: read more fiction; between True Crime and History I can go for weeks without reading fiction and even then it's usual a mystery that I read rather than "straight" fiction.

I should also pick the Daunting Classic to Tackle for 2010. Trollope, perhaps?

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