Random Thoughts

I'm reading Iain Pear's Stone's Fall and D.J. Taylor's Bright Young People. At nearly the halfway mark I've noticed a few thing, all of them random.
  • Roughly 20 Kindle lines equal one printed page.
  • A different "voice" isn't necessary to convey a change in narrator. Pears does it effectively but subtly almost entirely through the opinions and perceptions of the narrator.
  • Although if asked I would swear that I hate slow paced books once I get into a well-written slower paced book, I like it. Stone's Fall can move glacially at times but is still entertaining.
  • Those Brits do love creating "clubs".
  • The press's fascination with reporting the doings of basically moronic people is not a new phenomenon.
  • I'm becoming obsessed with LibraryThing.
  • This obsession may not be a bad thing. So to speak.

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