The Vertigo Years

Part of the fun of finding a new book is anticipating it. First I browse the aisles of the giant Barnes and Noble near my work looking for interesting new non-fiction. When I find a book that looks interesting I usually check to see if it's available for Kindle - because I'm out of book space at home. Whether it is or not I usually consign it to my wish list (if it's not available for Kindle) or get a sample chapter (if it is) and then ... wait. With all the books I have around here, electronic and other, that I haven't read yet I'm trying to be a little more discriminating about what I purchase. Not that I got to the library either anymore, not with 100-plus unread books on the walls around my apartment.

Philipp Blom's The Vertigo Years is one of those books I've been anticipating for months. It was on my wish list for a while and as soon as it was available on Kindle I snapped it up. So far, it was worth the wait. A true history of ideas and personalities rather than a litany of dates and events. If Judt's The Postwar Years is as good I may be headed for a history binge.

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