The Death of My Literary Credibility

Not that I ever had much but the fact that I'm reading and enjoying Twilight might just be the thing that empties the account.

Well, what do I expect? I did give in to peer pressure. Two smart women I respect fell in love with the whole Twilight series and kept urging me to give it a try. One wanted me to read it so she'd have someone to help her figure out why she's so addicted to a story about teenage vampires.

I'm a third of the way into the first book and, yes, it is addictive. I'm not dreaming about Bella and Edward but my commute is flying by even when that annoying couple who insist on reading books to their daughter loudly and in funny voices is sitting near me. (I'm all for sharing the reading love but am always happier not knowing how a stranger would voice the aspirations of a very tired bunny.) Stephenie Meyer is a competent writer. The plot is interesting but in these post Interview With a Vampire times not exactly revolutionary. If I had to make a guess at what makes these books readable it's that Meyer does a good job of creating a very ordinary life for Bella that stays ordinary even after she meets a clan of vampires.

Bella has a flighty but loving mother, a loving father who's not exactly sure what to do with a teenage girl, she has girl friends who are interested in boys and clothes, she's a good student but not a star and she's a klutz at any sport. She's all around average except in the degree of parenting she does for her parents - cooking and sorting out the dry cleaning. All that normal makes it easy to relate.

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