Another Crappy Day Saved by a Great Book

I think I need one of those old MedicAlert bracelets. Mine should say: "In Case of Crappy Day, Administer One Book by C. S. Harris." Three times now Sebastian St Cyr and Ms Harris have seen me through a wretched time. The St Cyr series is so reliable that along with Robert Goddard these are books that I buy the instant they become available and then horde them for dire time. Fortunately both authors produce a new book every year. Even better, Goddard had a healthy backlist of 8 books when I finally discovered him.

This time around it's Where Serpents Sleep that's taking my mind off the sadness of layoffs at my firm. I'm fortunate enough to not be among those laid off but after having to deliver one of the messages myself and see other valued colleagues and friends leave today, I needed solace. How does Harris jump start the action so effortlessly? How does she sketch characters so fully in so few lines?

Thanks, Ms Harris, wherever you are. And stay healthy, seriously, in times like these I get the feeling I'm going to need you and Sebastian often.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, and i thank you for introducing me to this wonderful author!