No respect at all

When you're a true crime fan you have to inure yourself to a certain amount of disrespect. The scoffing at the genre by those who've either never read it or who look down on anything that doesn't meet their narrow definition of literature. I can shrug that off. It's the disrespect from publishers who are actually making money off the genre that bugs me.

On the one hand I'm grateful for St. Martin's Press's commitment to True Crime. They publish the gamut from instabooks to decent efforts to the occasional gem. So why are they doing such a relentlessly crappy job at digitizing their catalog? I could understand it if they refused to commit to e-books or the Kindle format but why make only half an effort? Why, in short, create e-book versions that read like galleys? Unformatted galleys, at that.

Safe Harbor by Brian McDonald has to be the absolute worst e-book formatting I've ever seen. Plain text files with hard line breaks are easier to read. One more weirdly broken capital "H" and I'm going to be feeling murderous.

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